The Plays


Premiere in 2014, Barter Theatre, Abingdon, VA
(6th Ron Osborne premiere at Barter)

A poignant comedy: 1 male / 5 female roles
Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.Winter 2014
(prior to production, please contact playwright)

Welcome to Ivy Gap where you'll find some of the most good-hearted, sharp-tongued, casserole-cookin' ladies in east Tennessee. Edith, the deceased pastor's wife, has returned to the church to find trouble. A new pastor has been called and, well, let's just say he's no Billy Graham. Membership is down, and a snooty new member has the women at each other's throat. This sequel to "First Baptist of Ivy Gap" and "Showtime at First Baptist" is an uproarious and uplifting comedy about old friends who draw laughs, love and comfort from one another.

"Welcome Back to Ivy Gap is a charming, whimsical comedy that follows up Osborne's First Baptist of Ivy Gap and Showtime at First Baptist... it's at least as much fun as its predecessors and every bit as funny... full of laughs and good country charm, providing a cozy evening of entertainment for the whole family." -

"Mostly funny but oftentimes downright touching... although titled "Welcome Back to Ivy Gap," please know that having been to Ivy Gap before is no requirement for enjoying this hilarious but warm play." - Bristol Herald-Courier


A new poignant contemporary comedy: 2 male / 4 female roles

Publisher: TBD

Concerned for her marriage to Kenny - who’s currently running for Governor - Julia invites members of her wedding party to join her at the fabled Inn on Blue Mountain. Accepting are Delia, once a soap opera sexpot, now a lingerie model; Twilla, who left her husband to become a NASCAR groupie and now lusts for the sport and one of its drivers; and Marion, Julia’s maid of honor, currently a televangelist seeking forgiveness. In a wacky weekend filled with laughter, tears and even a little dancing we learn what happens when you mix a poor little rich girl who wants a quiet life with an ambitious sexy guy who wants everything.


Premiere in 2011 at Barter Theatre, Abingdon, VA as "Saving Old Smokey"
(5th Ron Osborne premiere at Barter Theatre, Abingdon, VA)

A poignant comedy with music: 1 male / 5 female roles
Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.

In its heyday, "Old Smokey" was more than a country was the scene of Saturday night country music shows that some say rivaled the Grand Ole Opry. Now, Emma struggles to reopen the store for her son who is recovering from wounds suffered in Afghanistan. Too bad a mysterious stranger and his ditzy "wife" also have plans for the property. Get ready to laugh, cry and sing along to more than a dozen gospels, hymns and more as Emma and her friends recreate the magic of "Old Smokey" during a live on-the-air broadcast that almost doesn't happen.

"Plenty of wit and warmth in a simple story of family and tradition. And to sweeten the pot, some pretty darned good music. If you're in the mood for a good story well told, Saturday Night at Old Smokey won't disappoint." - Bristol Herald-Courier

"A delight... offering lots of laughs and songs while exploring serious issues like war and media hypocrites... a hit with the audience and destined to be another Ron Osborne southern classic!" - Washington County News


Premiere in 2009 at Barter Theatre, Abingdon, VA

A poignant comedy: 6 female roles
Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.

First Baptist of Ivy Gap's 100th anniversary was a smashing success, except for one little thing: a bolt of lightning that struck the sanctuary. To raise spirits and funds for rebuilding, six of the church's leading ladies plan a talent show. Change is in the air as these diverse women challenge institutions as well as each other. Along the way, there are laughs to be shared, battles to be fought, love to be won, relationships to be mended, and losses to be grieved.

Showtime At First Baptist is a sequel to the very popular First Baptist of Ivy Gap which has been produced by more than one hundred theatres since it was published by Samuel French in late-2006.

"A serious play and a delightful comedy...I sure enjoyed it." - Bristol Herald-Courier

"Sure to be an instant classic...full of laughs, realistic characters and thought-provoking issues...bring the whole family." - Washington County News

"A comedy first, but one with can't help but be taken in." - A! Magazine For The Arts


Premiere in 2004 at Barter Theatre, Abingdon, VA

A poignant comedy: 6 female roles
Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.

It's World War II, and six women from very different backgrounds gather at a local Baptist church to roll bandages and plan the church's 75th anniverary. Overseeing things is Edith, the pastor's wise-cracking wife who dispenses Red Cross smocks and witty repartee to Ruby, whose son is fighting in the Pacific; Mae Ellen, the church's rebellious organist; Olene, who dreams of Hollywood; Sammy, a shy and secretive newcomer; and Vera, an influential Baptist with a secret of her own. When Luby's son is wounded, she confounds the others by blaming Sammy. It's not until 25 years later -- when the women reunite to celebrate the church's centential -- that secrets are revealed and our "First Baptist Six" find comfort, forgiveness and redemption in each other.

"Will be compared to Steel Magnolias, but forget the steel; these mountain magnolias are pure gold...humor, drama, warmth and six of the most wonderful characters you'll see." - Bristol Herald-Courier

"A beautiful southern comedy that will keep you in stitches beginning to end." - Elizabethton Star


Premiere in 2001 at Sonoma County Repertory Theatre, CA

A comedy: 1 male / 4 female roles
Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.

It's 1956, and Hollywood has arrived in Natchez, Mississippi with its brightest stars to film "Raintree County." Meanwhile at Clemmie's, a local tea room, the widowed proprietor with a fascination with movies and a secret admirer, oversees her own cast of zany characters: Tootie, a take-charge friend; Jo Beth, a former beauty queen; Marjorie, an unethical social climber; and Glease, a man more comfortable in the company of women than macho men. Competition for a cameo role in the movie brings out the best and worst in these memorable characters, leading Clemmie to trade a moment of fame for love.

"A hilarious heart-warming, sassy Southern comedy...a standing ovation." - Asheville Citizen-Times

"Offers jolly good fun...tightly crafted dialogue delivers a chuckle a minute." - Starkville Daily News


Premiere in 2004 at Barter Theatre, Abingdon, VA
Winner of multiple playwriting awards.

A poignant comedy: 2 male / 4 female roles
Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.

It's Christmas 1944 in Knoxville, Tennessee, when Florence, a single mother looking after her 17-year old daughter, Rose, opens her home to two boarders (Sarah Ruth and Jiggs) who have taken jobs at a local ammunitions plant. The new, young boarders are in the process of discovering their independence, as is Rose. Before long, this colorful collection of women is pulled apart, then mended with wisdom, humor, romance as long-held secrets are revealed. In the end, they remind us of what the true holiday season means... that we are all family and can find ourselves in each other's company.

"Offers holiday warmth, laughs...moving and funny." - Bristol Herald-Courier

"A charming, bittersweet comedy...a strong work for the holiday season." - Washington County News

"Lively, believable characters in a delightful spicy-sweet story." - Johnson City Press


Premiere in 2006 at Barter Theatre, Abingdon, VA

A poignant drama: 1 male / 2 female roles
Publisher: TBD

A poignant, moving and humorously sweet story of two women with different dreams, one to live out her life in the valley she treasures, the other to enjoy a life free of having to care for someone else. The news of the damming of their valley throws these dreams into conflict, leading to revelations and heart-rendering decisions.

"A tight diamond of a play...mesmerizing in its intensity...full of humor, humanity and of the best the audience will see in a long, long time." - Bristol Herald-Courier


Showcase at 13th Street Repertory Company, New York City, 2004; reprised in 2009

A drama in two acts: 6 female / 2 male roles
Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.

June 1944, and the world is at war. On a small Appalachian truck farm far away from the front lines, a war of another kind rages: one of prejudice, self-loathing, delusion and fear. And at its core is a long held secret that can destroy teenage Ruby and her family, as they await news of their loved ones overseas. D-Day speeds the dissolution process and Ruby must come to grips with a family falling apart at the seams.


A poignant drama: 2 male / 2 female roles
Publisher: TBD

For forty years, Rufus Benjamin Day was America's "Voice of God". That is, until his career as an evangelist was cut short in an accident. In response, Faith - one of two daughters - turns his estate into a shrine dedicated to his memory. Into this setting, enters her estranged sister, an evangelist with her own ministry. When a reporter from a national news publication arrives to do a story on Rufus, secrets are revealed that threaten not only to further divide the sisters but destroy long-standing national reputations.